Our vision is to help churches become places of human flourishing in their community

Jesus asked his disciples to heal and
to make new disciples. What does
this mean for the Church today?

So often it seems that the church is focussed on secondary issues – repairing the fabric, worrying about falling numbers, or being swept along by issues as they emerge. Instead, most churches want
to focus on their primary task – speaking about the love of God,
helping people to find healing, and developing communities
that reflect a little of the Kingdom of God

The world into which the Church is
embedded is under increased pressure

Mental health problems are on the increase, communities are fragmenting and loneliness, whether you live in an urban or a rural setting, is now recognised as a serious threat to health. Churches already do much to meet needs, but often we want
to do more and be more effective

We believe that churches are not
simply another care provider

The Christian faith offers much more – for our faith is in a God who cares, a God who, through the resurrected Christ, knows
our suffering and can help. We offer a radical
message of hope for our suffering world.

In June 2020 we will launch with a full suite of resources

Good Practice Guidelines

Biblical Resources

'How to' Guides

Do you want to grow your pastoral ministry?

Might developing a quiet garden improve mental health in the community?

How do I answer the question: ‘Why doesn’t God heal everyone?’

We will provide resources, events and support for this ministry.

You may even want to work with your local health care providers on the issues which matter in your community – we will help you connect the community needs to your mission.

Because if you show that you care, they WILL come.

The Healthy Healing Hub project will give churches and Christians the resources, networks and confidence to get back to basics and become places of health and healing for the community. And if you join us, we will badge your work and provide easy ways for people to connect with your vision to be a place of health and healing for the whole community.

June 2020

In the lead-up to June 2020, we invite you to join our growing number. Help us to learn what resources you need, keep up to date with what we are learning from our diverse range of pilot projects, find networks and tips and begin to prepare to be a Healthy Healing Hub for your community.

Join us today, to be the first to hear of events and to be invited to become a Healthy Healing Hub before we do a general launch. You will receive videos and advice directly into your inbox, and you will be able to connect directly to the project director, The Revd  Dr Gillian Straine. You might even want to book your training day now, before the diary gets full.

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