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Guild News April 2019

Director’s Thoughts

News Update

The Healthy Healing Hub Project

Faith and Fitness Conference 2019 report

A Journey to Wholeness

Our Daily Bread

Holy Rood House Appeal

Book review: ‘Cancer: A Pilgrim Companion’, ‘Phoebe: A Story’

Bearing Fruit in All Season – a reflection

Director’s Thoughts

News update

Green Health Live – a report

Journeys into healing – a sermon from the AGM service

For the Guild Archives

The Grace of God – from the sadness of was to a ministry of healing

Book Review: ‘Dying well’, John Wyatt

Director’s Thoughts

News update

Faith and Fitness

A reflection on healing and The Revelations of Divine Love

The Prayer of the Guild

The Wounded Healer: the ministry of receiving and sharing in the healing of others as a military chaplain

The leaves of the trees….a sermon

Book review: ‘Take care of Yourself’, by Pablo Martinez

Director’s Thoughts

News and Events

The Green Health Awards 2018

A conversation with the President of the Baptist Union

Dangerous Illusions: helping teens to find meaning

A vision of the Healing Ministry – personal and theological

Storytelling as a key to unlock our healing

Dates for your diary

New Publication – ‘Developing a Relational Model of Care for Older People’, J. Woodward and J. Kartupelis

Reviews – ‘Healing the wounds in the field hospital of the church’, A. Guile and Fr. J. McManus

Director’s Thoughts

News and Events

Meet the team

The Guild’s website and Membership

The Church Time’s Green Health Awards

Clergy wellbeing: From chaos to hope

Resurrection and Healing

An interview with The Revd. Azariah France-Williams

Review: Holy Rood House Community Prayer

Director’s Thoughts


A Homily on the Resurrection

Prayers for the New Year

Hypnotherapy and Healing

Palliative Care and Personhood

Purity, Presentation and Pastoral Care

Churchyards can make vital B-lines for nature

New Publications

Upcoming Events

Book Reviews – ‘Finding Church’ (Beyond Words publication), and ‘Found out: Transgressive Faith and Sexuality’, By Alison Webster

Director’s Thoughts

A Presidential Vision

Report on the Mental Wellbeing, Neuroscience and Religion Conference

News in Brief

Expanded Reason Award Winners

The Guild Archive arrives at Lambeth Palace

The Peace Place Festival

Healing and Storytelling in the Hospice

Theos report Christianity and Mental Health

The Raphael Institute

Looking Ahead…

Higher Education Chaplaincy event

Clergy Training

The Denis Duncan Lecture

Poem: Will you promise too?

Out and about

Bread of Life

Why religion is good for your health

En Ecology of Health

A report on the Holy Rood House Summer School

Book Review: Hymns of Hope and Healing

Director’s Thoughts

A parish that cares

The Theology of the parish that Cares

Friendly Places: Building mental health-friendly faith communities

Gardening Against the Odds

Streams of Healing Grace

Love is always stronger than hate

Change and Development

The 25th Anniversary Year of Holy Rood House

Book Review – Talking About Dying: Help in Facing Death and Dying

Directors Thoughts

Review on Recent Events

The Breadth, Depth, Length and Height of Healing Ministry

Yoga and the Christian Faith

The riots that led to a joint healing mission

Hospitality and Healing: the Hospitaller of St Bartholomew’s the less

Peak Experiences: some reflections of Jesus’ transfiguration

Awake my Soul – a poem

Reflections from Holy Rood House

Meet the trustees

Book Review: Run fo your Life

Director’s Thoughts

Review of Events

  • Festival of Healing and Wellbeing at Worcester Cathedral
  • Chelmsford Cathedral Healing Services
  • The Hereford Festival of Healing

Better Care Together: Faith

Sermon from Chelmsford Healing Day

Review of the recent questionnaire

A new group forms in Blackburn Diocese

St Marylebone Church: Changing Lives wins Heritage Lottery Fund Support

Storytelling as a key to unlock our healing

Obituary of John Grange

The Healing Power of Loving Kindness

New Publications

Book review: Cry of Wonder by Gerald Hughes

Upcoming Events

Our Guild: our Director writes…

Healing a Community Through the Church

Quiet Day in Chester

Book Review: The Bad Christian’s Manifesto

Everyone Belongs: thoughts on Inter-Communion

Event: A Day on Healing: Worcester Cathedral

Reflection: from Revd. Elizabeth Baxter

Our Annual General Meeting

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Centenary Festival

The Guild of Health & St Raphael

Some highlights from Chrism


The Future: AGM and Centenary Festival

The way forward

News from the Guild Council and a Branch


The 2014 Festival in Llandudno

The way forward

News from the Guild Council


The Future of the Guild

Seeking a Way Forward

News from the Guild Council and Chester Cathedral Branch


2013 Festival News and Warden’s address

News from the Guild Council


The Guild’s New Warden

Tribute to Bishop Nicholas Reade upon his retirement

News from branches

News from the Guild Council; The Wounded Healer


Festival 2012: Lecture, AGM & Healing Eucharist

Canon Paul Nener’s Lecture: Do you really want to be healed?

News from the Guild Council


Complementary Therapies & Christianity

An Introduction to our New Sub-Warden

News from the Guild Council

Website Update

Notices including the 2012 Guild Festival