The Leaves of the Trees – healing art installation begins its tour

The Leaves of the Trees: Art Installation by Peter Walker Thursday 3rd September 2020 – Thursday 24th September 2020 Reflective Coronavirus Memorial Comes to Exeter Cathedral Exeter Cathedral is the first host of a nationally touring art installation, designed to provide people with an opportunity to personally reflect on the coronavirus pandemic. The installation is... Read more »

New Logo

The Guild of Health & St. Raphael unveils its new logo, as part of launch plans to provide greater resonance and relevance for members during these challenging COVID times. By The Revd. Dr. Gillian Straine 31st August 2020 We are on an exciting journey. Over the next few months, we will be launching our new... Read more »

Christian faith and healing during a modern day pandemic

How The Guild of Health & St. Raphael is helping others with its daily on-line noon prayer service during these testing times. By The Revd. Dr. Gillian Straine 20 April 2020 Each Thursday, my family and I go to the end of our driveway, the kids armed with roasting tins and wooden spoons. We are... Read more »

Noonday prayer

During the Coronavirus, Gillian will be hosting a short live service of prayers on YouTube. Please subscribe to the channel and join her with your prayer requests.

Consider the Lilies and Covid-19: Attentive Presence for Health and Healing

‘It was as though where Jesus was, God’s will to make whole sick and suffering people asserted itself spontaneously’ This is, perhaps, the loveliest description of Christian spiritual healing that I have read. It was written by John Barton in Love Unknown: Meditations on the Death and Resurrection of Jesus (revised edition, 1999, Fairacres, Oxford:... Read more »

Covid-19: a bioscience-based approach UPDATED

When we think, as Christians, about the current Corvid-19 pandemic, it is important to remember that viruses are a natural part of God’s creation, just as we are; and that they will only spread so far and infect only a proportion of people to the extent that they become seriously ill or die. At the... Read more »